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Birthday Parties

We'd love to celebrate your birthday with you!

Our Hootenanny Art House space at 428 15th Street in Park Slope is available for rentals Saturday afternoons and Sundays. Choose from Music, Art, Yoga, Dance, or Disco themed parties.

Parties are two hours long and include 40 minutes to an hour of your chosen activity, and free time with our gymnastic blocks. We do the set up and the clean up. All you have to do is show up... with the food and drink and utensils to serve it! You can come on over to Hoot a half hour before to set up your food and hang out a half hour after to gather your things at the end.

The limit of kids (including siblings) is 14. We don't count the number of adults.

$450 Music or Movement hosted by Cassie, Anath, or Kira.
$475 Music Parties with Pete.
$525-$575 Art Parties at Hootenanny Art House

For inquiries and booking, please email or call 718-369-0528.

Our Hootenanny Art Annex space at 413a 7th Ave is available for rentals Saturday afternoons and Sundays. Art Annex parties are a creative and intimate affair for children ages 1 and up! All parties are 1.5 hours. We often begin with a birthday mural and a big faux birthday cake for painting and decorating and focus on artsy sensory activities are the focus for ages 1-3 , with more involved projects for ages 4 and up. We can accommodate 8 children with up to 12 adults for kids up to age 5, or 10 children with up to 6 adults total for children ages 5 and up. Party count includes siblings over 1 year. Host is responsible for food, birthday cake and paper goods.

Themed party projects are available upon request! Themes include fairies, rainbows, unicorns, paper dolls, potions, dinosaurs, and outer space. Please let us know as we love to personalize projects! 

Ages 1-3 – projects include artsy sensory play such as toy animal paint & wash stations, homemade playdough bins, painting with toy cars.
Ages 4-5 – projects include crafts such as beaded party necklaces, birthday crowns, or process art paintings.
Ages 5 and up – projects include crafts such as mobiles, mixed media canvases, stick puppets, textiles, or handmade books.

$450-$500 Art Parties hosted by Hannah, Melina, or Kim

For inquiries and booking, please email or call 718-369-0528.