Hootenanny is a community family gathering place with music, art, yoga and dance classes for kids and the folks who love them.

Kira and Pete opened the doors to Hootenanny Art House in September 2007. With a 3 year old in tow, a second kid on the way, a big love of art and music, and no real idea of how to run a business they just started singing, dancing, making stuff, and inviting people in. The vision was of a community Art House with a swinging screen door and a porch, with kids and grown ups coming and going…singing, playing ukuleles, making art, eating pie, and making friends. And y’all came!

By 2018 our Art Program was outgrowing the Hoot and Hannah Kasper Levinson joined us to create the Hootenanny Art Annex on 7th Ave! Hannah’s vision for the Art Annex was to create an art studio where children come to create, explore, and experience themselves through art. We value open ended materials and take an approach that values the creative process over a uniform product. No two artworks look the same here just as no two children are the same! In our younger kids classes adults are encouraged to support their children by helping them achieve their goals rather than by doing the work for them. With this belief in the capability of children we are helping them to become resilient, lifelong creative thinkers! This belief in each child's unique expression carries over into our older kids classes, where we delve into specific crafts and skills such as textiles, drawing, and photography.

In addition to kids art, dance and movement classes, we have also been known to throw bluegrass pancake parties, messy art workshops, and festive sing-alongs. With your help we’ve raised up some money for good causes and come together in times of need. On the weekends we do birthdays for the kiddos. For the grown-ups we are just beginning to roll out our ARTS and CRAFTS nights at the Annex! And we are always open to what you might be looking for... Let us know, check us out… and we hope to see you soon!