See what our parents and students have to say about our classes.

My 2 year old son loves to dance. And clap his hands while tapping his foot. And strum his toy guitar. He recently told me that he wants to play guitar when he grows up. This interest in music and rhythm is a beautiful result of our weekly classes at Hootenanny with the fabulous, Pete Sinjin, our music teacher and my son’s hero. Pete’s classes are fun, his music selections are great and his guitar playing is clearly inspiring. He is a skilled teacher and as co-owner of Hootenanny along with his partner, Kira Smith, also a very welcoming host and community builder. This place is a gem.
Thank you Kira, Pete and Hootenanny Art House! When we first moved to Windsor Terrace with our daughter Charlie who was 18 month old at the time, I was really worried about having kids activities and classes in the neighborhood. So, as you can imagine I was delighted to find Hootenanny!

You and Pete have truly created a non-pretentious totally inviting community for families (which I might add is not so common in this day and age!). I thank you sincerely for all Hootenanny has given me and Charlie — you are a BIG part of my memory of her growing up!
— Meredith Jacoby (Charlie's mom)
Thank you so much for sharing the pictures!! They are precious. We absolutely loved attending Hannah’s classes. Hannah is so great with the kids and finding new creative ways for them to explore art. I loved watching Ana Marie come home with her creations so proud of her work and excited to hang up on the wall. Good luck with the next semester!
— Julianna (Ana Marie's Mom)
We love Hootenanny. Makes me almost want to have a third child. Ha!
This kid knows that Pete is the max! She recently told her father, “Some mans can sing, and some mans can’t. Pete can sing.”
Thank you for showing so much love for music and children all wrapped up in one. Your patience and dedication to giving every child the best experience ever is so evident with each and every class! Thank you so very much.
— Leah Fleischmann (Eli's mom)